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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the most common questions.


Q: What kind of services do you offer?

A: Click here to see a list. Call 615.809.2644 to make an appointment, or visit the Outreach Center to access services.

Q: I just moved to Rutherford County and I’m homeless, can you help me?

A: Housing services generally require residency of 6 months or more in Rutherford County. There are other services we can provide including food boxes, showers and laundry, meals, and more.


Q: What is your Tax ID/EIN Number?

A: 20-5605975

Q: Do you accept clothing donations?

A: Yes we do! We accept donations of gently used, in-season, casual clothing for men, women, and children. Our greatest needs are for men’s & women’s casual bottoms (shorts in the summer, pants & jeans in the cooler months)

Q: I want to do a donation drive, what do you need?

A: Check out our Amazon list for current needs! (Click here!)

Q: My family member passed away and we are cleaning out – can we bring you all their clothes, jewelry, and household items?

A: Thank you for thinking of The Journey Home in your time of loss. Due to limited space and our client needs, we are able to accept pre-sorted, gently used casual clothing that is seasonally current. Our biggest needs are for jeans and work pants (khakis, black pants, no dress pants) for men and women. 

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