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Who We Are

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Our Mission The Journey Home is a Christian ministry whose primary focus is to serve the homeless and disadvantaged of Rutherford County - providing practical resources for body, mind and spirit, and encouragement on their journey to economic stability and reintegration into community life. Our Strategy Homelessness is a complex problem, usually the result of interconnected issues related to poverty and a lack of affordable housing. Its effects on families and individuals are far-reaching, impacting every facet of life. The best solutions involve the entire community. They include a broad array of programs and services that meet the homeless at their point of need providing them the time, resources and networks necessary to affect lasting change. They also must raise awareness in the community at-large and provide it the means to make a difference in the lives of its members. The Journey Home will work with all segments of the community to see that such comprehensive solutions are available in Rutherford County. Our Goals To operate safe and hospitable outreach and housing facilities where encouragement is offered and basic needs are met. To equip clients with knowledge, tools, and other resources useful on their road to independent living. To connect clients with sustainable housing solutions that foster stability and break the cycle of homelessness. To educate our community as to the prevalence and causes of homelessness in our area and how they can help. To foster increased cooperation and collaboration in the social service community and create opportunities for Christian service in our county.

Meet The Team

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Sarah Butterfield

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