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Career: Outreach Center Director

The Journey Home is seeking an Outreach Center Director interested in helping our organization expandits ministry to our homeless and disadvantaged neighbors in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Founded in2006, we’ve provided resources for basic needs, housing, life skills, faith-building and coordination of carefor thousands of struggling individuals and families to bring hope and encouragement on theirContinue reading Career: Outreach Center Director

Career: Client Services Associate

CSA’s provide support for program work at the outreach center including Community Café, ClothesCloset, Food Pantry, outreach center maintenance, office work, housing program, pick-up and deliveryof donations, and other community services. There is a high level of engagement with our homelesscommunity. Employees may work in one primary area but will be cross-trained as generalists inmultipleContinue reading Career: Client Services Associate

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