Your support is what helps change lives. The Journey Home relies on our generous donors. Learn how your donation is an investment.

When you invest in The Journey Home, with your time, talent, or treasure, your support changes lives. Every investment allows us to engage, support, and heal the disadvantaged and homeless population.

  • With the help of our generous supporters, we were able to serve over 1,200 people and 900 households in 2020 alone.
  • We were able to add 2 houses to our housing inventory, totaling 27 homes for families and individuals.
  • We moved 116 households, with more than 240 people, from homelessness into permanent housing.
  • Donations have allowed us to perform tens of thousands acts of service:
    • serving meals 7 days per week through the Community Cafe’
    • keeping the Coldest Nights shelter open and serving dinner
    • providing hygiene supplies & clothing at no extra cost
    • screenings, preventative care, and checkups through the Wellness Clinic.

The Journey Home accepts in-kind donations during office hours. Clothing needs are clean, seasonal, casual clothing for men and women.

Investing in The Journey Home is an investment in our humanity. Every dollar allows us to engage and support those who need it the most. To learn more about becoming an investor in The Journey Home, please contact

We thank you for your support.

The Journey Home is grateful for any and all support that we receive.
Together we can end homelessness and create brighter futures.