Jenny’s Story

The Journey Home is celebrating Jenny’s milestone of moving into stable housing. At 19 years old, “Jenny” found herself homeless. She did not have a driver’s license and had worn out her welcome at her friends after a lot of couch surfing. Jenny’s lack of confidence and low self-esteem added to her challenges. Jenny’s cousinsContinue reading Jenny’s Story

Marcie’s Story

When Marcie came to The Journey Home with her two granddaughters, they did not have shelter or, even, a meal to eat. Marcie’s daughter had been sentenced to two years in jail and Marcie’s granddaughters were going into foster care. It was up to Marcie to keep her family together. Marcie was barely making itContinue reading Marcie’s Story

Mike’s Story

Mike, a husband, father to three children and a drywall hanger, had always had a job and took pride in taking care of his family. Mike’s income allowed them to get by but did not provide any extra to save for a rainy day. Mike and his family were living paycheck to paycheck. One day,Continue reading Mike’s Story


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