A Sweet Little Story

Hannah and James are longtime high school sweethearts. Everybody thought that they were a perfect fit. After college, they were happily married, and everyone thought that they were inseparable — until they fell on hard times.

They had poured their life savings into their dream home, and months later, they both lost their jobs. The bills didn’t stop coming. One medical bill after another led to the couple having to file bankruptcy, labelling them with bad credit. Hannah and James began to grow apart. They were forced to give up their home and then each other.

After living in a motel for a few weeks, the two, now separated, looked to The Journey Home for help. The Journey Home helped them find secure employment, stable housing, and each other again. They found the support that they needed to get back on their feet and rebuild their lives. Hannah and James rekindled their relationship and are more in love than ever. Our thanks to Hannah and James for also becoming a monthly donor to The Journey Home.

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