The Journey Home is celebrating “David’s” move into stable housing enabling him to access resources he needs to begin living an independent life.

David grew up in foster care from the time he was 5 years old. He lived with several foster families during this time and experienced abuse by one of the families that was providing for his care. When David turned 18, he reunited with his family after many years of separation. David struggled to hold down a job which led to him becoming homeless. That is when his family brought him to The Journey Home and asked for help.

The Journey Home helped David find an apartment and is working to help him attain ID credentials including a social security card. David was referred to the career center to evaluate his skills and qualifications to help him become employed. He has also been referred to a mental health counselor. This support and development of his skills will help David rely on himself and allow him to celebrate his own “Independence Day”.

Physical or Mental Health problems can cause homelessness or can make a person’s vulnerability to homelessness escalate. When a person is young and experiences trauma, it can impact every aspect of the person’s life moving forward. Counseling and support can change and positively impact a person’s situation to help them begin to live an independent life.