Independence Day

At The Journey Home, Independence Day means a lot to us. 

During the pandemic, Jessica struggled to keep her family afloat. As a single mother of 2, she was constantly working to provide for her family. She relied on her mother to watch the kids while she worked her two jobs that never seemed to bring in enough income. After a car accident left her car totaled, Jessica was forced to use rideshare apps to get to and from the workplace. The constant expense often left her paychecks half of what they were. 

Bills continued to pile on top of one another and Jessica knew that it was time to look for help once she was short on rent. She turned to The Journey Home. There she received help finding affordable marketplace housing, received financial coaching, and assistance finding a car. Thanks to The Journey Home, Jessica was able to quit one of her jobs and spend more time with her family, finally allowing her to celebrate her own Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day to all!