Marcie’s Story

When Marcie came to The Journey Home with her two granddaughters, they did not have shelter or, even, a meal to eat. Marcie’s daughter had been sentenced to two years in jail and Marcie’s granddaughters were going into foster care. It was up to Marcie to keep her family together. Marcie was barely making it with a monthly social security check and an inadequate retirement fund. And now, two preschoolers that desperately needed everything Marcie could give – both emotionally and physically. Marcie petitioned the court for temporary custody of her granddaughters and in the process of reorganizing her family, lost her place to live. The Journey Home helped them find another place to live and assisted in identifying resources to help make ends meet as Marcie and her two granddaughters begin their own Thanksgiving traditions.

So many times, a family finds themselves homeless while giving everything they can to remain in their home. It only takes one unforeseen event to negatively impact and change their trajectory causing them to become homeless. Marcie and her granddaughters now have a safe place to live and resources to get by, however, this also marks a time that many families will begin their homeless journey.