Our Success

As The Journey Home finishes it’s 15th Year of Service, we are so proud of how we have served our vulnerable community. Read more about our 2021 accomplishments!

Not all homeless people are the same. And, their needs are not the same, and the solutions are very different for each group. Families with Children, Veterans, Students (High School and College), Individuals who have Jobs, and People who have Mental and Physical Disabilities make up our homeless community.

In thinking about homeless families with children, you are not likely to see them as they are worried about what may happen to their family if they are seen as unable to care for their children and reported to the authorities. The reality is that rehousing families as quickly as possible changes the trajectory for our children providing them with normalcy in their everyday lives. Many times, we can rehouse them within a few weeks to a couple of months. The strategy of a homeless family is to rehouse them quickly so the effects of being homeless are minimized. Thank you for helping The Journey Home rehouse 225 households.