Volunteer Spotlight: Janice & Debby

Debby and Janice are two of our most loyal volunteers. They work diligently together in the Community Café, always eager to help. Here is their inspiring stories:

Debby James retired from teaching about 3 years ago and began volunteering as a way to answer God’s call to give back. Her husband had already retired and spent his time volunteering at The Journey Home, where Debby decided to join him. 

When COVID hit, many of the volunteers were unable to come, as they chose to quarantine. Debby stepped up and began coming frequently. She partnered up with Janice to maintain the flow of the café, the duo continuing to work together to help those in need.

Debby believes that nobody in this country should be homeless or hungry, and that The Journey Home does so much to give to those in need. She is proud to be a volunteer at The Journey Home.

Janice Welchance and her family began volunteering with The Journey Home almost 13 years ago. The family spent their Mondays at the Community Café, serving lunch and building close connections with the people she’s helped serve. 

The family has also spent each Christmas serving in the Café since then. She notes that there aren’t many who come in that day, but being there for those who have nowhere to go makes everything worthwhile. 

Janice holds The Journey Home’s mission close to her heart.  “You love God, so you serve people, because that’s the way you love God.”

Thank you to Janice and Debby for all the hard work you do. Thank you to all of our volunteers who step in and give their time and effort to the homeless and disadvantaged.