Allen & Kinley

Kinley and Allen, parents of 6, struggled when COVID hit. The virus caused many jobs to be cutback and they were no exception. After both Kinley and Allen lost their jobs, they did what they could to make ends meet. They found The Journey Home and were able to be back in permanent housing withing a week. The Journey Home helped them with their deposit and payment plan for the next few months for their rent. Kinley and Allen were extremely grateful for everything The Journey Home provided for them. Unfortunately, new problems began arising.

Allen suffered from medical problems relating to stress due to their housing situation that prevented him from moving forward in the workplace. He was able to see one of the nurse practitioners working at The Journey Home, who helped him get medicine. However, shortly after, he had a heart attack. He had no time to heal because he had to continue working to provide for his family, alongside Kinley, who was already working 6 days a week. Then, their shared car was totaled – putting them both out of work. Thanks to Allen’s resourcefulness and The Journey Home’s help with purchasing new parts, Allen was able to fix up an old car given to them, putting his family back on their feet. They faced many challenges along the way, but The Journey Home supported them and their children every step of the way.

Often times, when someone faces one financial issue in life, it has the potential to snowball and seep into other aspects of their life, causing more financial troubles. The Journey Home is ready and capable to help every step of the way. To help support the work of The Journey Home click the donate button below.