Teresa & Caleb

Teresa was a single mother of Caleb, her 16-year-old son. After losing their home, Teresa and her son were forced to live in her car because there was no shelter available for the two of them. Most shelters either focused on men or women, and because Caleb was 16, no women’s shelter would allow him to stay with her. As winter approached, she began to worry about her son struggling to stay warm at night in the harsh conditions, so she reached out to The Journey Home.

The Journey Home provided Teresa with the materials she needed, like temporary housing, regular meals, and laundry services, to get back on her feet again. After a few months of assistance, Teresa was able to put a down deposit on an apartment and begin a new life together with her son.

There are not many temporary housing options in Rutherford County for families like Teresa’s. However, The Journey Home is currently working to raise money for a new facility, that will contain 10 emergency family housing units for families in situations like these. To help The Journey Home make its new building possible, click the donate button below.