Lori & Crystal

Lori lived alone with her autistic daughter Crystal. She was unable to work, as Crystal couldn’t be left alone, and as a result of a workplace injury that left her unable to stand for long periods of time. Lori’s disability checks were barely enough to get them by. Alone, when caring for a special needs child, there isn’t enough time in the day.

Crystal needed undivided attention and her checks only covered so many expenses. When they lost their home, they moved in with a kind friend. Unfortunately, the friend passed away and the house was sold, leaving Lori and Crystal homeless and completely alone. 

Lori turned to The Journey Home for help. They worked with a case manager to figure out their next steps. They located a school for Crystal to attend, where her needs would be met with love and care, while Lori was able to find a remote job, allowing her to work without needing to stand, all thanks to The Journey Home. In the blink of an eye, The Journey Home found them a new place to call home. 

Parents with children with special needs often are unable to work or have time for themselves. Their children need around the clock care. The Journey Home has supported countless families in this situation. It’s hard, but with love and support, they are able to manage. 

This year, Lori and Crystal are now able to sit in front of their Christmas tree, their days forever Merry and Bright thanks to the support of The Journey Home.