Shayla & Daniel

After COVID hit, Shayla and her son Daniel struggled. As a single mother, she was the only person he had. She tried to pick up odd jobs here and there, but they were never enough to keep them afloat. Her bills continued to grow: car payments, health insurance, Daniel’s football expenses, phone bills, utilities.. It never seemed to end.

Once they lost their home, they had to hop from couch to couch, staying over at Daniel’s friends’ houses for a few days before moving on to the next. His friends’ parents helped them the best they could. They looked into resources to help them get back on their feet and found The Journey Home.

At The Journey Home, Shayla was able to connect with the resources she needed to rebuild their lives. Through The Journey Home, she was able to find a reliable job. The mother-son duo found reliable shelter and worked with case managers to continue their growth. Eventually, with The Journey Home’s help, they found a permanent place to call home. Now Shayla is able to attend her son’s football games without worrying about where they’ll be next. They look forward to the New Year with New opportunities and beginnings.