Marcus & Sherry

Sherry and Marcus very graciously opened their home to a few friends of theirs while they were out of town. Upon returning home, they had an eviction notice taped to their door. While they were gone, their friends did so much damage to their home that their apartment complex decided to kick them out, giving them 10 days to gather their things. Not only were they losing their home, they also had to pay for all the repairs, and legal costs of the eviction and lease being broken.

With the eviction on their record, they struggled to find a new apartment and had to move into a single-bed hotel room, in which their teenage daughter had to sleep on the floor. After they found The Journey Home, their lives changed. The Journey Home helped them pay off their eviction and move into a new place, relieving much of their stress. The Journey Home also helped furnish their home and with the help of generous supporters, provide presents in time for Christmas.

Sometimes unexpected events out of our control happen and turn our lives upside down. It is very easy to feel alone in situations like these, but The Journey Home is always available to provide a helping hand. To help support the work of The Journey Home click the donate button below.