Mike’s Story

Mike, a husband, father to three children and a drywall hanger, had always had a job and took pride in taking care of his family. Mike’s income allowed them to get by but did not provide any extra to save for a rainy day. Mike and his family were living paycheck to paycheck. One day,Continue reading Mike’s Story


The Journey Home is celebrating “David’s” move into stable housing enabling him to access resources he needs to begin living an independent life. David grew up in foster care from the time he was 5 years old. He lived with several foster families during this time and experienced abuse by one of the families thatContinue reading DAVID’S STORY

Caroline’s Story

Homelessness impacts the whole community and is at the center of many other social needs and issues. It impacts our local healthcare, public safety, education, and many other systems. Imagine, for a moment, being homeless, being a mother and trying to go to work each day to keep your job. When you get up inContinue reading Caroline’s Story

A Sweet Little Story

Hannah and James are longtime high school sweethearts. Everybody thought that they were a perfect fit. After college, they were happily married, and everyone thought that they were inseparable — until they fell on hard times.