Independence Day

Independence Day means a lot to The Journey Home. Regaining independence after being homeless, especially for a single parent with their kids, can be the most important day of their lives. Breaking the cycle of generational homelessness is something that is rarely thought of. However, it’s the key to changing lives. A child’s chance ofContinue reading Independence Day

Lucky Ellie

Ellie was down on her luck. She lived with her boyfriend, who had just broken up with her and requested her to move out. She had nowhere else to turn—she didn’t make enough money to afford an apartment on her own, she didn’t have any close friends to consider letting her stay with them, andContinue reading Lucky Ellie

Judy’s Sweet Story

Judy was homeless, unemployed, and living with a benign brain tumor. Being homeless had been hard for her. She was assaulted and was sent to the hospital to recover where she received a diagnosis and treatment for her tumor. Everything felt like it was going downhill for Judy. When she was released from the hospital,Continue reading Judy’s Sweet Story

Shayla & Daniel

After COVID hit, Shayla and her son Daniel struggled. As a single mother, she was the only person he had. She tried to pick up odd jobs here and there, but they were never enough to keep them afloat. Her bills continued to grow: car payments, health insurance, Daniel’s football expenses, phone bills, utilities.. ItContinue reading Shayla & Daniel

Lori & Crystal

Lori lived alone with her autistic daughter Crystal. She was unable to work, as Crystal couldn’t be left alone, and as a result of a workplace injury that left her unable to stand for long periods of time. Lori’s disability checks were barely enough to get them by. Alone, when caring for a special needsContinue reading Lori & Crystal

Jenny’s Story

The Journey Home is celebrating Jenny’s milestone of moving into stable housing. At 19 years old, “Jenny” found herself homeless. She did not have a driver’s license and had worn out her welcome at her friends after a lot of couch surfing. Jenny’s lack of confidence and low self-esteem added to her challenges. Jenny’s cousinsContinue reading Jenny’s Story

Marcie’s Story

When Marcie came to The Journey Home with her two granddaughters, they did not have shelter or, even, a meal to eat. Marcie’s daughter had been sentenced to two years in jail and Marcie’s granddaughters were going into foster care. It was up to Marcie to keep her family together. Marcie was barely making itContinue reading Marcie’s Story